Christmas concerts


Entertain the children this year with a musical Christmas present!


With this fairytale-like concert you will get into the proper mood right away.

Juf FĂ©lice & Trio Krul and puppet Boeffie take the public along in string musicworld with famous composers such as Mozart, Purcell and Bach. It is a well-sounding swing-along, sing-along and ring-along concert.


Some children are completely spellbound by the music, others clap and swing immediately. As the music starts peacefully, shy children have the chance to get used to the situation, while Boeffie captures their heart with his funny peekaboo-games.


The young listeners sit together with their carers on a large carpet. Sitting still is not necessary. It is beautiful to see the spontaneous reactions of the young ones!


The Christmas concert is suitable for children in the age of 2,5 - 6 years old.


Please contact at for any bookings and questions concerning the (Christmas) concerts.